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Authentic Love:
Theory and Therapy

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Authentic Love: Theory and Therapy

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For the first time, I have found a book that provides a comprehensive understanding of all human behavior, written in understandable language that clergy and lay people alike have always needed. With amazingly simple concepts, Mullaney shows how every single human action, every emotion, every dream, every desire, every mental and emotional disorder, are the results or expressions of the singular, fundamental drive to love and be loved.

Authentic Love Therapy does work! I grew up in a love-deprived environment; not only at home, but in school and church as well. By the age of nine, I believed that I was a mistake or an accident of God -- far beyond God's ability to save. At the age of seventeen I was into drugs and alcohol, trying to medicate the pain. It seemed like nothing worked. The only other option was suicide. Four steps away from suicide, God intervened. That intervention came in the form of authentic love. With the help of some good therapists, friends and God's grace, authentic love has turned my life around.

I highly recommend this book; not only to therapists and counselors, but to pastors and ministers as well. This is the bridge between Psychology and Spirituality that we have been looking for. It is time that the barriers between these two camps were brought down. There are too many people out there depending upon us.

— Rev. Leo Kennedy, OFM Conv., St. Francis Xavier Church, Brunswick, GA

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