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Authentic Love:
Theory and Therapy

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Authentic Love: Theory and Therapy

I believe Authentic Love should be required reading for all therapists and a mandate for all Christian counselors.... Of particular benefit is Brennan Mullaney's synthesis of myriad therapeutic approaches into one, simple and comprehensive whole. He reaches perhaps the highest level of abstraction in his discussion of love, with the result being the simplification of heretofore complex reality.... This groundbreaking work makes it abundantly clear that the fundamental cause and the ultimate cure lies in our ability or lack therof to love and be loved. How utterly simple! How utterly difficult! How utterly true!

— John Runda, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, University of Mobile


Brennan Mullaney’s Authentic Love: Theory and Therapy expounds the complexity of the human heart with breathtaking simplicity. This is a masterpiece. Here is an amazing work that convincingly reminds us that we are in essence immensely loveable, feverishly hungry for love, and only partially alive until we taste authentic love.

Mullaney’s eighteen principles surface to consciousness the truths about love that have intuitively echoed in our hearts all our lives. Here is the long-awaited synthesis of psychological and spiritual truths – “psychospiritual” is the word he uses. He splices them together into an intelligent marriage which many of us have been searching for in one volume. Mullaney turns the light on the human soul! In his superb explanation of the inner workings of the heart, he does not deliver his findings with a spotlight glare. Rather, with subtle and sacred illumination, he reverently invites the reader to peer into the deep, mystical depths of our hearts. For this alone, mystics and contemplatives will celebrate and cherish this book!

For counselors, doctors, nurses -- all in the mental health fields -- Authentic Love welds together healthy psychological approaches and delivers a staggering punch, this – that unless theories and treatment are accompanied by love, healing may well remain at bay.

For spiritual directors, Mullaney affirms the powerful influence of loving. Authentic Love has given me confidence with those whom I minister to accept the divine whisper I had been already hearing: Just love them! Love alone heals!

To pick up Authentic Love was for me an experience of incredible and divine revelation. It is reordering my mind and heart. As a Spiritual Director and Formation Director of theological students, I will be making Mullaney’s book required reading.

Sue Whiteley, MA (Christian Spirituality), Tasmania
National Director of Formation, Australian College of Ministries
Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader for Clergy & Ministry Leaders


To whom would I recommend this book, Authentic Love? To everyone in the field of mental health, counselors of all kinds, anyone who works with others: teachers, pastors, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, et alia.... I am already blessed for having read it.

— Rev. Monsignor Theodore H. Hay, S.T.L., who served
as a mental health chaplain for twenty-five years


With impeccable logic and a crystalline simplification of human complexities, Brennan Mullaney's Authentic Love has revolutionized the mental health system. His explication of love as the basic drive of life and the root reason for our every emotion, action and thought, provides a hopeful new way for both lay people and professional caregivers to understand others, and themselves, too. Love therapy engulfs and subsumes, but also respects, utilizes and makes sense out of the hundreds of disparate theories floating around the therapeutic marketplace.

— Mark Wiegand, P.T., Ph.D., Chariman,
Physical Therapy Department, Bellarmine University


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