Authentic Love:
Theory and Therapy

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"A masterpiece, an amazing work"

"...a veritable revolution in mental health"


"impeccable logic and crystalline simplification of human complexities."

"Mullaney throws down the gauntlet: Love alone heals!"

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J. Brennan Mullaney, MSSW

Love Therapy - Revolution in Mental Health

The Basic Principle: "Love is the  basic drive and goal of human life, the the Alpha and Omega of every human act. Love is the most elemental need, the raw force of the psychospiritual heart from which is derived all emotion, all thought, all volition, and all behavior."

This is the revolutionary idea that can subsume, unify, and make sense out of the hodgepodge of contradictory theories floating around the mental health marketplace - over 250 of them! Simple logic says: Truth is one! There cannot be hundreds of human drives, all of them "fundamental." There can be only one fundamental drive. It is love!

This is the theory that can help you, whether you are a lay person or a professional caregiver, make far more sense out of your own life and those you love and want to help. What helps? "Love heals!" That is the credo of this book.

But do we know what love is? On page one I answer:

"The word love has been romanticized, sentimentalized, sugar-coated, sing-songed, pulpiteered, hypersexualized, hawked, valentined, prostituted and slandered.  Love has been written about till its pages are yellowed and brittle. Yet, sailing into the face of all that misuse, I must adopt that same pitiful old baglady of a word as the name of a new model of psychotherapy. Love therapy boldly promises new insights into mental and emotional disorders, and even - imagine! -- an understanding of what authentic love is all about."

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J. Brennan Mullaney

Author of

Authentic Love:  Theory and Therapy

Authentc Love:
Theory and Therapy

ISBN-10: 0-8189-1264-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-8189-1264-1
542 pages